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Shree Pratishthan has published the first coffee table book on 60 years of space exploration in 2011 at Air forcce school,New Delhi, the book was realeased at the auspices hand of Air Chief Marshal V P Naik, A Cartoon exhibition of the then great cartoonist Shree Mangesh Tendulkar.
The above book is edited by Shree Suresh Naik a very senior Executive of ISRO
The contents of the book take us know the history of 60 years of space exploration and it is for Next Young Generation,It is seen that USA…Russia….China….European countries are on the forefront to take to construct Space Station in the air space nearly 100 miles height from the earth.The Austranoughts from above countries make stay in same space station from minimum 8 days to one year and abovs period and make various case studies human related subjects.

The space station is as big as football ground.

Shree Madhukar Tapikar , Advisory Trustee of Shree Pratishthan took lot of efforts to publish this book and made available to Students free of cost.

Preface of Book

  • 1) introductory astronomy
  • 2) About ‘Space ‘
  • 3) Genesis of space techology
  • 4) Some of the space agencies of the world
  • 5) Milestone in space exploration
  • 6) ISRO’s major achievements
  • 7) SETI- Search for extraterrestrial Intelligence
  • 8) Space Tourism
  • 9) Looking into NASA’s future
  • 10) References


For ages, we have looked up to the night sky and wondered about our place in the universe. We have also wondered what all of those magnificent sparks were. Humankind is always tremendously curious about ‘space’ and its adventurous spirit has been yearning  to cross this final frontier.

We have come a long way in the fascinating journey of space exploration. Today we can take pride that humans have landed on moon, explored the solar system and even are contemplating commercialization of space. However in order to get these successes, we can not forget key events happening during the last 5/6 decades.

During the hundred of seminars by me in various parts of the country, I have experienced firsthand, the tremendous interest, curiosity and fascination existing in the student community in this field. Now more and number of young student are aspiring to get an opportunity to take up career in ISRO, dreaming to become an astronaut or in some way getting associate to participate in the great excitement offered by the challenges in the filed of space exploration.

Clearly the reason for this boost of the interest in this field is the unprecedented success of ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1 mission and its further ambitious plans in the Lunar as well as interplanetary missions. Perhaps the single most significant event in the last decade was Chandrayaan-1 finding water on moon.

Truly, it can be said thatspace-age has arrived in India wherein the young generation want as to keep abreast of the developments in not only India but the international arena as well in this field.

In the light of this background a need was felt for a book which pictorially illustrates significant and exciting exploits in space exploration. I hope this book will fulfill this need to a large extent and also provide inspiration to more and more youngsters to study this fascinating subject further.

I must express my thanks to ‘Shree Pratishthan’ for bringing out this book and my enthusiastic friend Mr. Madhukar Tapikar for providing  the drive and all the help to get this project completed in a very short time.

– Suresh Naik


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